MMclay Vase

MMclay Vase

These 6in tall, Vase only.


These vases are fun to pair with a Her Urban Herb's bouquet and arranging the flowers yourself.  They also pair great with a subscription for fresh flowers weekly or biweekly.  Another use of the vase is a utensil holder. Carry wooden spoons next to your stove or like a diner, use the vase to keep your utensils on your table.  


Handmade ceramic vases are something I have been imagining since I began designing flowers.  MMclay is made by hand, each piece comes out unique and one of a kind.  I design with a similar approach that each floral design is to be unique, fresh and created with love and care.  I worked for MaryMar for 3 years and it makes perfect sense for my flowers and her pottery to be together.   MMClay is a woman owned and made locally in Hayes Valley.  My goal for 2021 is to partner with more local artists to support one another.